15 Best wedding venues in Jacksonville FL


With so many venues in Jacksonville to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Jacksonville has such a wide variety of venues there is something for everyone here. From historic venues with beautiful European style buildings, to elegant barn wedding venues. We have made the search easier by hand-picking these 30 venues and providing you with their contact information, wedding package information, and more.


(Barn) Wedding venues in Jacksonville FL

Kicking off this article with the incredible Jacksonville barn wedding venues. Jacksonville has wonderful barn wedding venues to choose from with the perfect mix between luxury and country with any of these beautiful barn wedding venues in Jacksonville FL.


1.Bowing Oaks plantation

Best Jacksonville Wedding Venue
Photo credit to Lupinek Productions

Bowing Oaks has a 3200 square foot ballroom that seats up to 200 guests comfortably. Parking is not to worry about as they will easily accommodate your wedding guests. The venue has a large patio area with market lights and a fire pit with two ceremony sites surrounded by gorgeous oak trees. You will get to set up in style as well with two spacious dressing rooms for your wedding party , and food isn’t to worry about as they have a big catering kitchen with all the appliances needed to enjoy delicious fresh food on your big day.


2.The Keeler Property

Keeler Jacksonville Wedding Venue
Photo Credit Christy Whitehead Photography

The Keeler property is a killer venue that has a 9500 square foot barn , along with a covered bridge (the only of its kind) open for both private and public events. The beautiful country aesthetic of this barn wedding venue is enough to sell you on it. But worry not this wedding venue does provide a wedding planner if you so choose to opt for those services, but it’s safe to say the views of the barn alone make it THE barn venue in Jacksonville.


3.The barn at Cottonwood Ranch

This is a barn designed to include luxurious amenities so you can truly have a memorable and comforting experience. Everything about this venue screams luxury, the wooden polish finish on the barn down to the stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen. If you want your guest to be jealous of your wedding this is the venue to really flex those creative skills, any decorations really pop with the aesthetic of this venue, and not to mention the stunning bridal lounge. You will feel like an absolute queen in this venue. I highly recommend booking this venue before all the dates are gone. Out of the lot this Venue is the best wedding venue in Jacksonville Fl in a barn style.


4.Diamond D Ranch

If you were looking for a homier barn where it gives you a feel for an authentic barn look no further. At Diamond D Ranch  you can host your wedding and really embrace the southern charm this wedding venue has to offer. With picturesque fields to really wow your wedding guests you could not ask for a more authentic southern wedding venue. The greenery in this barn wedding venue is what really brings your heart to it.


5.The Carriage House 

The Carriage House has a 2000 Square foot climate-controlled barn that is the perfect mixture between rustic and elegant. The Carriage house is near enough to downtown St. Augustine which means you are perfect distance from a nice after party if you so choose to do so. This beautiful barn wedding venue has recently been renovated and has beautiful, exposed beams making the room feel incredibly spacious. If you were looking for an affordable barn destination wedding, look no further.

6.Daughter’s Barn at Cedar Ridge

Home of the traditional Amish Barn and expansive outdoor event area. If you were looking for multiple options for your ceremony area this is the venue for you. Daughter’s Barn really brings that magical feeling on your special day. There is a bridal cottage just next to the barn to make all the pre wedding accommodations an absolute breeze to do. Daughter’s barn is incredibly welcoming and has three ceremony spots to choose from making it incredibly flexible to find the perfect spot for you while still enjoying a beautiful barn aesthetic.


 (Industrial) Wedding Venues in Jacksonville FL


On the other end of the style spectrum, we have industrial wedding venues. These venues are going to be perfect for the modern couple. With a truly urban feel with exposed brass, brick walls and a vintage feel that you can only get from a industrial vibe.


7.The Assembly Room

Talk about character, this industrial wedding venue screams industrial, if you are looking for a nice brick aesthetic to go with your wedding style this is the one. Has the perfect mix between urban and luxury that steals your heart. If you have a big wedding guest list this is a perfect spot to host as it has a huge space. The wedding planners at this wedding venues are magicians of the urban aesthetic and I highly recommend you check this wedding venue out.

8.The glass factory

The glass factory wedding venue in jacksonville fl
Photo Credit Tanya Bonderenko photography

Are you a fan of that natural light look in your wedding photography and videography, well this place is quite literally a glass factory! The sheer amount of natural light flowing through this venue is a sight to see, add to the mix a beautiful urban aesthetic and you have yourself the perfect mix of a picturesque wedding that all will envy. Looking through their website you will see that it is a challenge to find a spot that will not make you look great , the venue exudes modern style and would make anyone fall in love with being in the limelight here. This venue in particular is the best wedding venues in Jacksonville Fl in an industrial style.

9.Brick and Beam

Located in Jacksonville historic district, this modern wedding venue is the most luxurious of the bunch with a mix of wooden polish finish, and a industrial indoor venue the entire building is a work of art. The sleek dark wood finishes and blacks of the interiors really makes it a perfect aesthetic for those who want to pop against a dark finish. Those who are looking for a modern touch of elegance look no further. Brick and Beam really makes you feel like you are getting married in your own luxury urban building. Check this venue out, you won’t be disappointed !


 (Ballroom) Wedding Venues in Jacksonville FL

There are many different ballroom wedding venues in Jacksonville. Whether you want something extravagant or not so extravagant, there is a venue out there for you. Below are some of the most beautiful Jacksonville wedding venues that are featured in a ballroom setting.

10.The Treasury On The Plaza

Treasury plaza wedding venue in jacksonville fl
Wedding Ceremony Photo by Joseph Rogero

Talk about an unforgettable experience! The Treasury on The Plaza is the most elegant historical wedding venue near Jacksonville Florida. The treasury originally opened in the 1920’s as a bank as the symbol of the city’s prosperity, but after many luxurious renovations it now stands as one of the most coveted destination venues here Jacksonville Florida. The majestic building has a hint of modern while completely encompassing the sophistication of its historical past.

11.The Lightner Museum

This jewel of St. Augustine opened in 1888 by Henry M. Flagler as the grand hotel Alcazar, this historical wedding venue has the most luxurious parties through the century it has been open. This venue exudes sophistication, art, culture and more importantly comfort. Everything about this wedding venue was made for the wedding party to feel as if they were modern royalty. It’s incredibly versatile and open to all of your needs.

12.River House Events

River House is a waterfront wedding Venue perfect for Destination weddings. This venue is right on the intracoastal waterway and offers a breathtaking view of the Matanzas river and the St.Augestine lighthouse. If you are looking for the perfect lighthouse pictures look no further, not only is the staff incredibly accommodating, but you can’t possibly beat these views near the water.

13.Timuquana Country club

Although this venue is a private club, if given access to this venue take full advantage of the gorgeous scenic views here. The ceremony site is perfectly staged in a intimate riverfront space giving another beautiful waterfront wedding venue to take in your special day. Being at a country club you can expect not only the food but also the customer service to be amazing. For members of this private country club it makes for the perfect wedding venues in Jacksonville Fl.


(Affordable/inexpensive) Wedding Venues in Jacksonville FL

Maybe you are in the mood for something a little less expensive that will still make for a beautiful wedding ceremony. Check out these inexpensive wedding venues to cherish the moment that really matters.

14.Jessie Ball DuPont Park

This park is home of the treaty oak, this is an amusement complex called Dixieland park which opened back in 1907. The treaty oak has been preserved and thanks to some part time philanthropists the park was enhanced and now offers wedding ceremonies for a reasonable price.

15.Camp Chowenwaw Park

Here you can rent the big cabin and proceed to fully plan out your wedding, this wedding venue is open from 10AM-Sunset and allows you to rent space for your wedding ceremony. Here you will have to bring your own food and dishes and also dishwashing supplies. I would advise a quick elopement only if you were looking to be married in a beautiful cabin area where you can be one with nature.


No matter where you get married the reality is you need to capture your wedding day, here at Falconhdvideos we take great pride in building a beautiful story out of your love for each other. If you are looking for wedding photography or videography please contact us ! In the meantime enjoy some examples of our content below , Thanks again!