Perfect All Inclusive Wedding Venue: Key Largo Lighthouse

All-inclusive wedding venue are the best way to do a destination wedding, not only does it take all the guess work and stress out of a wedding, but it’s all given to you with one price that can fit your budget. Destination weddings are nuptials held in a location far away from home. All inclusive weddings are a fantastic opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage somewhere dreamy and elegant, but more importantly, somewhere that is special to the newlyweds.

All inclusive wedding venue: Key Largo Lighthouse

Why All inclusive wedding venues?

When you get married, one of the things that’s guaranteed to make your special day is a little less stressful is if you choose an all inclusive wedding venue. Without having to worry about various aspects of planning, the logistical headaches are now somebody else’s problem! To help you decide whether it’s worth your time and money, we’ve outlined our reasons for opting for this type of venue.

When you opt for an all inclusive wedding venue, you know that it’s going to offer you everything in one place. This is one of the biggest benefits of all inclusive wedding venues as it means that you can focus on one thing only – enjoying your special day with those closest to you. They’ll have everything covered; from catering, accommodation, through to entertainment and anything else that enables you to have a full-on wedding celebration.

Private Beach Weddings in Florida

When it comes to destination weddings, especially beach weddings, Florida is among many couples’ top lists.

However, Key Largo Lighthouse recently shook the all-inclusive wedding world with this relatively simple beach wedding package. This all-inclusive wedding deal offers a one-of-a-kind, romantic destination wedding package for the price of a couple’s average wedding budget.

Budget plays a huge part in the decision-making process of planning a wedding. Now, with an average wedding budget, you get the chance to hold a more romantic beach wedding that is not like any other weddings you have seen. And where better to spend it than at Key Largo Lighthouse beach. Your must-have-been average wedding can be the wedding everyone else wishes to have because it is private, simpler, more intimate, and affordable.

Now, destination weddings have changed forever.

Say goodbye to the average “been there before” weddings, and say hello to a romantic, thrilling wedding destination in wonderland! Key Largo Lighthouse offers all-inclusive beach wedding packages that will enable you to personalize your wedding to be the most beautiful beach wedding in Florida.

What Makes a Florida Keys Wedding Venues so Appealing?

Among the apparent first choice destination wedding venues for couples from all over the USA, even the world, are Key Largo, Florida Keys, and Key West. Based on the annual number of weddings held in Key West and Key Largo, the Florida Keys is considered the most popular wedding destination per capita. Aside from the breathtaking beaches themselves, the following are the top reasons why your all-inclusive beach destination wedding should be in the Florida Keys:

The Ambiance

It is to no surprise that many couples choose to host their wedding in Key West or Largo, and for a good reason. The first of the many reasons is the ambiance. Many couples look for something laid-back, relaxing, and casual, having lived amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

The unique “Island Atmosphere” that Florida Keys offers does just that. The wedding preparation is stressful enough in itself. But, the wedding day should not be. Hosting a wedding in the Florida Keys is undoubtedly a time for celebration and relaxation.

The Natural Beauty

Nature lovers will enjoy the Florida Keys. For couples who love beaches and the ocean, it is a certainty that a Florida Keys wedding will be unlike any weddings elsewhere. No matter your wedding date, you get to enjoy the summery, crystal clear water all year round. This very body of water also nurtures the last living coral reef in North America. Additionally, you get to enjoy every water sport you can imagine. Suppose you like it laid-back, no worries. Nothing is perfect other than spending the afternoon with your friends and loved ones by the beach.

The Weather

The wedding date is a factor often overlooked in most weddings. But, with an all-inclusive beach destination in the Florida Keys, the date is just a number. During the winter season, this island is the warmest place in the US. In summer, the island never exceeds 95 degrees. It is the perfect place to enjoy more sun than Los Angeles and half the rain of Miami! In planning your destination wedding in Key West or Key Largo, you need not worry about the perfect weather because the Florida Keys islands have you covered.

Easy Travel

One thing to consider in planning your destination wedding is the travel you and your guests are willing to traverse. In Key West and Key Largo, you don’t even need your passports. The Florida Keys is situated in a convenient place to get to, safe and secured. Key Largo is just about one hour away from the Miami International Airport. On the other hand, you can fly directly to Key West via the Key West Airport, or you can opt to drive and enjoy the breathtaking visuals as you get to your destination.

It’s Romantic

Let’s face it, everyone dreams of having the most romantic wedding. What could be more romantic than a wedding on a private beach on a tropical island, with no one else but the people closest to your heart? With a destination wedding in Key West or Key Largo, the most romantic wedding you could ever have is just within your reach. With an all-inclusive wedding package, allow us to help you, any way you want us to, make your dream destination wedding a reality. From the wedding planners, chefs, decorators to the photographers and videographers, let Key Largo Lighthouse help you start planning your dream destination wedding!


Capture Your Destination Wedding at the Florida Keys!

Couples almost always rely on wedding photography when it comes to capturing all the magical moments of their wedding day. However, considering wedding videography is just as essential to cover special moments on your big day. A videographer can shoot moments on your big day that you might not be able to see. Additionally, combining music, narration, and the scenes, or even the behind-the-scenes of your big day brings preserving the memory of your wedding day to an entirely different level.

As you put a lot of time, effort, and resources when planning your wedding day, not to mention a one-of-a-kind beach wedding destination, it is essential to take into account the ways of preserving each magical moment.

At first, it may seem just like another addition to a pile of expenses. Yet, hiring professionals that will help you keep the memories from your wedding day, and relive them any time you want, is in no way just another cost to cover, but an essential factor. Although preparing for a wedding may feel like it takes forever, the wedding day itself is just one day. So, you should relish in your hard work and soak in every moment on your special day while living in it. Although, having the choice to relive it at any time is divine.

Perfect All Inclusive Wedding Venue: Key Largo Lighthouse