I am a Visual Storyteller

I have a passion to capture the purest of emotions. I don’t just film your wedding day, but I tell a real story about your love through conveying the emotions between the couple. By showing their world, their love in a unique and very customized way. And all of this I do without you even knowing I was there to capture those special moments and the love.


My strongest asset as Wedding Videographers is that I always aim for the perfect synergy between what I film, what has been said and the music. All aspects are equally important to tell your story in the best way possible and for you to look back at your wedding film in 20 years and feel exactly what you felt on your wedding day. Therefore every wedding I create is different and unique.

Life is a journey and one of the biggest milestones in life is getting married. A day filled with emotions and I am there to capture those.

Hi I am Yolanda!

Lead Photographer at Falcon HD Videos!

My name is Yolanda Hill, I am the lead Wedding Photographer at Falcon HD Videos. I and Kyle work as a team capturing beautiful Weddings throughout Florida. I have a passion for capturing every detail of your special day! My style in photography is to be in the moment, look around and photograph your story as it unfolds around me. It truly is an absolute privilege to have a job where I witness and document the amazing memories that families will cherish forever.

My husband and I have been married for 18 years and are blessed with 3 amazing kids: Cristian, Alyssa, and Nicholas. We have 4 dogs that we love!  In our spare time, we enjoy going out on the boat and spending time with our friends and family.  I have always loved weddings and photography, so “do what you love and love what you do”, right? Right! I received my degree from Palm Beach State College and have continued my education and most importantly my experience here in sunny South Florida! I am a member of the Professional Photography Guild of the Palm Beaches and have merited several images including a “Best in the show” on one of my engagement images!



Latest Testimonials

Kyle is incredibly easy to work with, kind, positive energy, proactive, and professional. The final video he put together of my wedding was absolutely beautiful! Falcon HD editing skills are amazing. He knows what he is doing and you can book with him confidently knowing he will capture your event in the most wonderful way possible. You can have peace-of-mind when using Falcon HD for your event videography!

Amber & Ian / Lake Pavilion West Palm Beach, Florida

Latest Testimonials

Kyle did an incredible job with the filming and editing of our wedding video. He was professional, extremely responsive, and the final product came out better than we could have hoped for. I would absolutely recommend him.

Dane & Melissa / Pelican Club Jupiter, Florida

Latest Testimonials

I was very nervous about picking out a videographer service for my wedding and working with Kyle from Falcon HD did not disappoint, he and his team were very professional and thought of everything so I had one less thing to worry about on my big day. Thanks to them I can relive my wedding day in several different creative ways and that has been worth every penny. They do a really great job, I had no idea how much I would love having drone footage!! Definitely a must and I highly recommend them

Sena & Tito / Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina Jupiter, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is your approach to filming a wedding?

For me, it’s really important to capture the story of a wedding, the atmosphere, the laughter, the tears as they happen on a day. I try not to interfere with the day itself because I love for it to unfold the way it would without us there. However, there is one exception to that and that’s during the shoot. As with photography for our videographers, the shoot is also important and we will also give you directions on what to do.

I always film with 2 people, this creates more dynamic, but also makes sure we can capture what we want to capture and minimizing obstructions to miss our shots.

What will be the length of the wedding film in the end?

I am not bound to the length I have mentioned in my packages, these only give a basic indication. If the film required to be shorter or longer to tell a better story I will do so. I want to tell the whole story in the most engaging way.

How will you present yourself on our wedding day?

We as a team will present ourselves in an appropriate manner for a wedding, well dressed, but still with the flexibility and comfortability to shoot the best way possible.

Do you guys join us for dinner?

Obviously we don’t have to sit at the head table, but without food, we can’t perform. The best timing for us to eat is when you (the couple) also eat. Because most of the time that’s when nothing is happening and we don’t miss anything and continue with loads of energy right after. This is important to discuss with the caterer beforehand.