We Are Visual Storyteller

Capturing the purest of emotions is something I want to do. I don't just capture your wedding day, but I portray the sentiments between you and your spouse through expressing them. They use their setting and love to demonstrate a unique and very individualized manner. And I do all of this without you knowing that I was there to capture those precious moments and love.


Andres Irias


Yolanda Hill

Lead Photographer

Kyle Downard

Founder & Lead Videographer

Christian Arias

Photography / Videographer

Fern Worakamphon

Photography / Videographer

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Us: kyle@falconhdvideos.com

How is my film delivered?

Your film(s) will be delivered to you online through Vimeo (digital download available)

Can you fly your drone at my Venue?

In most cases, yes! Most venues will not have objections and in most cases, they welcome aerial footage of their location. That being said, permission from the venue is not the main deciding factor. We are Part 107 Certified by the FAA to fly our drones. This means we may not be able to fly our drones depending on various factors like proximity to airports, political dignitaries in the area, and safe flying conditions. However, we will always do our best to prepare in advance and get the footage if possible.

How is audio recorded for my wedding ceremony?

We take great care to capture audio for your wedding. We believe that not having great audio is just as bad as not having great footage. We usually do our best to plug into the Church system or DJ system at your ceremony. In addition, we also may mic the officiant, the groom, and the bride. We also have backup mics attached to our cameras in case those fail. When we have your consultation, that is a great time to let us know if there will be any special readings or music performances. For speeches and dances, we work with your DJ or band to connect to their system for the best-quality audio.

Will you have a second shooter with you on my wedding date?

We always bring enough people to capture your wedding! Sometimes that includes a 2nd and even a 3rd shooter. However, it largely depends on your wedding schedule
and location. Even when we have a 2nd shooter, our lead shooter almost always captures both the bride and groom getting ready. We never charge extra for a 2nd shooter.