Your wedding day is a day dedicated to the love you share with your partner. This link you’ve established is the result of a long journey, a tale about your love, and so much else. And we’re there to preserve that for you, allowing you to experience time again and again.

The unique experiences, such as your parents’ hug, the sob, and the chuckle are all captured on video. Yet, it also includes everything you’ve picked out for your wedding day, down to the last detail. We feel that all sentiments should reappear when we rewatch the video in 20 years from now, as well as in 20 years. That’s why we concentrate on emotion in our wedding films, which are both unique and timeless.



Years of expertise, passion, and commitment to wedding video production make up this team. Because we have known each other for so long, I and my team can concentrate on the most important aspects of a wedding day. Our experience also allows us to make good decisions on a rapidly changing day. In the same way, I have a strong connection with the photographer and have had a fantastic partnership.


To portray the sentiments of the day, a 4-6 minute highlight reel, soundtrack, and voices were synthesized into a flawless union. allowing you to experience your wedding day again, as well as all of the feelings that went with it. It’s a wonderful way to keep an eye on things and watch them with friends and family. I’m happy to say that we spend a lot of time making these brief videos, which is our primary product.


Have you tired of the ±20-minute documentary film yet? Do you want to witness the whole ritual or just listen to the talks? I can also provide you with a separate edit using multiple camera angles.



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Kyle is incredibly easy to work with, kind, positive energy, proactive, and professional. The final video he put together of my wedding was absolutely beautiful! Falcon HD editing skills are amazing. He knows what he is doing and you can book with him confidently knowing he will capture your event in the most wonderful way possible. You can have peace-of-mind when using Falcon HD for your event videography!
Amber & Ian / Lake Pavilion West Palm Beach, Florida
Fantastic experience
Kyle did an incredible job with the filming and editing of our wedding video. He was professional, extremely responsive, and the final product came out better than we could have hoped for. I would absolutely recommend him.
Dane & Melissa / Pelican Club Jupiter, Florida
All around excellent experience
I was very nervous about picking out a videographer service for my wedding and working with Kyle from Falcon HD did not disappoint, he and his team were very professional and thought of everything so I had one less thing to worry about on my big day. Thanks to them I can relive my wedding day in several different creative ways and that has been worth every penny. They do a really great job, I had no idea how much I would love having drone footage!! Definitely a must and I highly recommend them
Sena & Tito / Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina Jupiter, Florida
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